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Our Founder’s Vision

Our Founder’s Vision

Mr. Jolly Yung, the founder of our centre, is the creator of the ‘hand-in-hand methodology’ for teaching Mathematics to primary and secondary students. This methodology, which requires students to adapt quickly to a changing syllabus, is a tried and tested method for boosting academic performance under the Hong Kong educational system. After over 50 years of practice and adjustment, ECA students adopting this method now enjoy more flexibility to learn according to their own capabilities.

As the founder of ECA Education, Jolly believes in being accountable for students’ academic performance as well as for facilitating their holistic development. In keeping with our founder’s spirit, ECA staff takes great care to understand each individual student and to teach them according to their personal abilities. Our objective is to design effective, customised private tuition programmes that can improve both the student’s learning ability and academic performance within a short period of time.

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