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ECA For Future

About ECA for Future

ECA for Future was introduced as a subsidiary brand of ECA Education to realise our vision of providing meaningful learning experiences to facilitate students’ holistic development outside the classroom. Our team of teaching experts regularly designs and organises thoughtful learning-oriented programmes, such as co-hosting engineering camps with universities to give younger students the opportunity to explore new interests and potentials. ECA for Future reinforces our commitment to provide more than just quality tutorial classes – but to create enriching learning experiences that can broaden students’ hearts and minds.



Provide students with more

interesting ways to learn


Increase students’ motivation

for learning


Broaden the horizons of students through

different activities


Help students develop new friendships

through games and activities


Bring out confidence and leadership

skills in students

Team leaders:

Nicholas Yung, Philip Leung, Ken Ho, Gary Leung, Bowie Wong


Summer/Winter Camps at the University

In the last few years, we have been co-hosting summer and winter camps with the University of Science and Technology and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). Sponsored by Love Ideas HK, the camps provide valuable experiences for junior students, such as letting them get a taste of campus life; taking them to visit the most advanced electronic laboratory in Hong Kong; and letting them design and manufacture simple electronic devices. These activities have increased students’ exposure and their interest to learn, helping them build confidence to face other challenges in life.

Board games

We have taken the initiative to design a range of engaging, learning-oriented board games for our students. As they pick up useful knowledge and retain them through fun and games, their motivation for learning will also increase.

We are planning to offer some experimental teaching programmes to students for free, so that even students with financial problems can join and benefit from our teaching method. ECA Education promises the quality of these classes.


  Provide free tutorials so even students with financial problems can join

  Attract more students to join the classes

  Collect more feedback about the teaching method from students


Summer Camp

Winter Camp

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