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Subjects and Teaching Method


ECA Education offers a first-rate Mathematics tuition programme targeting a range of public exams from HKDSE to HKAL, I/GCSE, GCE A-Level, SAT, SAT2 and IB. It focuses on strengthening students’ mathematics abilities to raise their examination grades. We are confident that even students who habitually fail or get a borderline pass in Maths can attain a passing mark and excel once they have enrolled into our programme.

Small-group teaching is emphasised so we can hone in on any weaknesses in students’ mathematics abilities and focus on their needed areas of development. For female students who prefer a serene learning environment, we also have female tutors who can arrange girls-only classes.

To develop an all-round competence in tackling mathematical problems, students at ECA are encouraged to try out different types of test papers from other syllabuses outside their own. Our centre is equipped with an extensive collection of test papers from respectable schools using HKDSE, IGCSE and international textbooks, so students can sharpen their skills in dealing with different mathematical questions.

Tuition fees (Mathematics)


NSS (Core + M1/M2)

Secondary school levels

Primary school levels

Tuition fee

$205 per hour


ECA Education offers English tuition programme that covers HKDSE, GSCE, GCSE A-Level, SAT, SAT2 and IB curricula. We focus on strengthening students’ communication skills, paving the way for their future studies and career.

Like our Mathematics tuition programme, lessons are conducted in small-groups to ensure due attention is given to each individual student. One to one lessons can also be arranged in order to maximize the learning outcome. By providing a friendly, nurturing environment for students, we believe that every student can reach their full potential and abilities.

Tuition fees (English)

Class type

Small group class

Individual class (one-to-one)

Tuition fee

$205 per hour

$500 per hour


ECA’s tuition programmes for Physics, Chemistry and Biology covering various curricula including HKDSE, GSCE, GCSE A-Level, SAT, SAT2 and IB are also one of our strong suits.

Like our Mathematics programme, lessons are conducted in small groups so students can ask questions anytime and get tailor-made guidance instantly.

Although sciences are often perceived as rather complex and challenging subjects, experienced tutors at ECA are able to spot common difficulties of students and rectify their concepts accordingly. Our centre also offers a dynamic range of reference books and teaching materials to encourage students to take a deeper interest in these subjects, thus motivating them to achieve better results.

Tuition fees (Science)





Tuition fee

$205 per hour